1-1 Services

Meditation Education ::

You think you can’t meditate because you can’t sit. Or because you’ve got too many distracting physical sensations – dizziness, nauseousness, queasiness. Or because the anger or despair you feel at your predicament is so strong, you’re afraid that if you’re quiet those feelings will overwhelm you. So you’ve got good reasons for not meditating. Plus, you don’t believe you’re going to get anything out it. But you can face your experience of physical sensations and mental thoughts without drowning.
Learn how to create a safe container and a supported way to position your body, so you can benefit from meditation.

Wellspring Mentoring ::

Ever had a mentor, a therapist or a coach who suggested tactics or perspective that made you roll your eyes? (On the inside, of course.) Don’t blame them. They usually haven’t been on the front lines fighting for their lives. And unless they’ve been sick and dealt with the byzantine complexity of actually living with illness, the solutions offered tend to be impossible or outlandish. The answer is to work with someone who knows the constraints of what’s do-able, who understands that the suggestions need to be grounded in the reality of being sick and weak, and who gets the mental fog that usually goes along with illness.
Learn specific strategies to deal with the tenderness, grief and fear of living with an illness.

Nutrition Support ::

You know that eating the right foods will nourish you. And you get that food can be medicine. But you don’t have the energy to get groceries into your home. And if you do manage to get the virtuous vegetables and fresh fruits into your fridge, the next obstacle is that you don’t have the wherewithal to actually prepare your meals. You’re tired of not being able to eat well and to harness the power of food. Plus, you hate watching that produce rot away in your fridge.
Learn practical solutions to enjoy meals that are easy, healthy and taste good.

Virtual Yoga ::

How can yoga work for you? Some days moving is good; some days moving is painful, if not impossible. It’s really hard to tell until you get started. Sometimes movement is better for the stagnation in the body and stillness is unbearable. Other times, you can’t do the yoga;
the yoga needs to do you. We’ll examine your difficulties and suggest ways to arrange your body so that your nervous system can do it’s best work. And so you can harness the immense healing power of yoga, no matter what your body is like.
Learn a repertoire of yoga poses so that you can set your own body up for unfolding, opening and healing.