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4 Benefits of
Wellspring Mentoring ::

Specific Guidance
on how to build emotional resilience.


Personalized Recommendations
on how to skillfully live with illness.


Sensitive Support
on grief and loss and how to deal with the legitimate sadness.


Additional Reading
specific recommendations to help you meet your goals.

How it works :: 
  • Complete an easy, fun preliminary intake form.
  • Consult during a free 20 minute introductory phone call.
  • Decide if we jive and you want to proceed.
Then :: 
  • Fill out our 1-1 Service guide so we can get to know you better.
  • Schedule your sessions. We’ll do these over Skype or phone.
  • Design your goals and work with your personal guide to enjoy all the benefits of mentoring.
  • Get unlimited email support for the duration of 3 months.
    you do a final evaluation and decide if you’re ready to launch on your own.

Our goal is to get you self-sufficient and self-reliant.
Let us guide you there.

Introductory Price :: 
  • 4 sessions over 2 months costs $600.00
  • 6 sessions over 3 months costs $850.00
  • 8 sessions over 4 months costs $1100.00
  • 10 sessions over 5 months costs. $1300.00
  • 12 sessions over 6 months costs $1500.00

We encourage at least 6 six sessions so that you can experience lasting change.
Flexible payments plan are available.
Prices scheduled to increase in September so book now.

More About Your Guide :: 

Cassandra Wellspring MentoringCassandra has lived with illness since 2000. Since then, she navigated the difficulties of living with a mercurial, misunderstood and mysterious illness. All her investigative, research and organizational skills honed in on finding relief and treatment. Her knowledge, experience and insight helps to ease the suffering of those similarly afflicted. With smart and strategic tools, and heaps of compassion, she transforms lifestyles and creates meaning in voids. She shows how to modify the experience of our adversities by changing the stories we tell ourselves. And her personal mission is to create space for change and to help anyone live with with compassion, courage and grace.

A Free Trial Session