Rediscover Wellness Series



I’ve discovered that the secret to living with more ease despite “dis”-ease starts with simple strategies
that make you feel more peaceful, beautiful, and alive.

I also know that we all are aware of what we should do to feel better, but somehow we just don’t {or can’t}.

I’ve got your back.

That’s why I’ve created


a 21 Day Do It Yourself Coaching Series

You will be inspired to start taking small strategic steps towards living better and easier.

Because even small steps can make a big difference!

Inside myself is a place where I live all alone and that’s where you renew your springs that never dry up.

- Pearl S. Buck
You will ::
8 Benefits to
Rediscover Wellness Series ::

That’s our #1 goal. We give you the skills that you’ll be able to draw on again and again. And the Series will always be here if you need a refresher.


Fresh Approaches
That will upgrade your ability to have more beauty, peace and ability.


Practical Steps
That get the constraints and limitations of either your brain fog or your physical weakness (or both).


Accessible Information
That’s easy to digest.


Tested Strategies
Which will streamline your efforts and precious energy.


Paradigm Shifts
That’ll bypass or blow up the obstacles in your way.


Essential Attitudes
To promote and support growth and progress.


Amazing Resources
as well as new ideas that’ll inspire and comfort you.

Each day, you’ll receive a short and sweet love note to your inbox with a
doable, digestible, delightful tip to take precious care of yourself.
The series includes resources galore!

And you can do it on your own time, as you need and feel ready.

We believe wellness is less about pushing yourself through a sweaty spin class or
trying to sail around in complex yoga arm balances and
more about embracing a new definition of wellness that fits your body.
And your life. As it is, right now.
Join now.

WEEK ONE :: focuses on gathering more delight and beauty.

WEEK TWO :: focuses on honing our wellness skills.

WEEK THREE :: focuses on cultivating harmony and peace.

As an added bonus for signing up you’ll receive a free gift.

3 special desktop wallpapers created just for you with these messages

We created an amazing experience for you!

Join us for this email coaching series. Let us show you how you can have more beauty, peace and skills in your life.


I want to thank you for the 21 days, setting up the emails and the Facebook page.  It has made me examine my life.  It has made my life better.  I really enjoyed it. You are amazing.  I hope your project takes off like wildfire.   – Kim Robinett