Enchanted Wood Essential Oils Magic Mix

October 15th / 2017

Imagine you are entering a woods full of magic – where Titania and Oberon, the Queen and King of Fairies live and where potions can make you fall in love or make you believe you are free and cured of all your ills. You enter through a special archway which leads you up a path to the crest of a hill.  All around are the sounds of birds singing and mating. Wild bushes reach out to you with their branches bearing blackberries that burst in your mouth with their sweetness. And you are surrounded with the air of a warm, woody, sweet honeyed aroma that enchants and draws you further in.

Here are the components of the Enchanted Wood blend and why they are included ::


for long term stress and feelings of fear.
Cedarwood is known for its effect on the chest and lungs and can help with
feelings of overwhelm and alienation.
Helps to focus and avoid reactivity.


for relaxation and strength.
Originally cultivated in the western parts of India, Eastern Africa, and the Himalayas,
this oil was named after the 16th century Princess Anna Maria de La Tremoille of Nerola, Italy,
who loved the fragrant orange blossom scent and introduced it to Italy.
Helps to alleviate anxiety and to induce quiet.


for stimulation and cleansing.
Lime trees first grew in Asia and are now cultivated in Florida, the Caribbean and Central America as well as the mediterranean.  Like lemon, lime has been used as a disinfectant and anti-viral.
Helps to promote enthusiasm and energy.

Enchanted Wood Magic Mix
Recipe type: Aromatherapy
  • 5 drops Cedarwood
  • 3 drops Neroli
  • 3 drops Lime
  1. Add to a carrier oil such as sunflower oil, grape seed oil or almond oil to disperse in a votive tea light essential oil warmer, OR
  2. Add to water in your favorite essential oil diffuser, as per instructions.

In the recipe above, I mention a votive light essential oil warmer or an essential oil diffuser.
You can often find these in health food stores or Whole Food stores, too.

Let me know how it works in the comments!

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