Why the name Wellspring Stones?
The image of water is a metaphor for renewal and refreshment. Medieval wells were often a gathering center where women would share secrets, strategies and stories.

As for stones, they represent stepping stones for rebuilding your life. Stones convey a sense of strength and resilience and of building (rebuilding), something lasting. A new, adapted life despite any physical condition. But let’s not forget that you have to have the balls/stones to endure living with an invisible, chronic illness!

When you’re sick, you feel like you’re in a desert. So Wellspring Stones is a place for fresh water when life runs you dry.

What is the Wellspring Stones mission?
We aim to bring you back to being whole, feeling seen and radiating peace. We do this by creating space for change and through understanding the pain and loss illness causes. We want to show you how to make your life easier, how to cultivate resilience, and how to laugh again. We strive to ease your suffering. Click here for more about Wellspring Stones.

I’m new here. What should I check out?
Enjoy free resources. I offer a lot of resources for free. Check out my recommendations if you need some amusement, beauty, skills, nurturing, peace, distractions, relationship advice. Enjoy our free Revitagrams. Comment on our blog and join the discussion. Shop for your mind and for your body. We offer wellness bundles and aromatherapy for your body. Some awesome ebooks for your mind to teach you how to love your body again (despite the betrayal).

What other questions do you have?
We’re new here, having just launched, so our FAQs are limited. Feel free to send us your questions by filling out the form below.