Create Your Plan

Take the first step to recover some wellness.

With this guide, we will walk you through the stepping stones so you can rebuild your own plan to ease.

You’ll create your very own wellspring that you can dip into again and again to get out of that tailspin of discomfort and distress.

(and yes, even if you can’t “act” or do really anything!)

You know it’ll happen again, so be prepared by creating your very own plan to ease.

Carve a middle path - between striving and surrender.

- Cassandra Marcella Metzger
How to Create your Own Plan to Ease ::
A Guide to Your Own Wellspring
5 Benefits of
Create Your Plan

to stop that tailspin of discomfort and distress.


the best palliatives for you.


your experience and get better.


the despair and anger.


your specific recovery plan.

You'll Learn How To ::
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