Stepwell Springs E-Course


Ever wonder how you could feel better when you don’t have the ability to do what is needs to be done to get better?

If your life feels decimated, your body polluted with pain and discomfort, and your spirit is just crushed
then this series is for you.

I know what it’s like to be imprisoned by your symptoms and locked into misery.
We’re going to spring you from that jail and show you how to dig deep reservoirs of reserves – one step, one well at a time.

Stepwell Springs is a virtual retreat for you to rebuild your life so you can do better, feel better, live better.

You can have more prowess, poise and peace. I know because I’ve been there. Let me help.

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To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.

- Oscar Wilde
7 Benefits of
Stepwell Springs

New tools 
Our resources help you to adapt your life to your constraints.


Fresh Outlooks 
New perspectives will reduce your suffering and anxiety.


Tailored materials grounded in the reality of being sick


Clear and Concise
Information that is accessible and digestable


Resources Galore
The best curated resources from books, podcasts and the web.


Tailored Tactics 
Plans that’ll preserve your limited energy and attention for things other than basic living.


Delight and Surprise
Joy is an essential part of living, so we’ll be sure to offer fun too!

You'll Learn How To::

Better health is not just about finding a cure.  It’s about finding new ways of living.