Forest Bath Essential Oils Magic Mix

October 12th / 2017

The light dances on the branches that seem to float in the air. You venture farther and deeper into the forest following no path. Only the sun and the sun’s shadows orient you but you pay no attention. You wander as you wish. You go where you are drawn. The smell of the woods in the forest is tenacious, soft and balsamic. You feel alive and whole. And you never wish to leave.

Here are the components and why they are included ::


for calming and relaxing.
For hundreds of years, this oil was used for sacred and medicinal purposes as an
anti-infectious tool and to help skin disorders.
Helps to ease muscle tension and restlessness.


for calm, emotional balance.
This oil has long been a symbol of love, purity and trust and often used to help heal a broken heart.
Rose was used to for digestive and menstrual problems, headaches and nervous tension.
Helps with grief and depression.


for nervousness and stress
This oil is used to flavor Ear Grey tea and has been used to help with appetite loss.
as well as with stress and difficulty relaxing.
Helps to promote relaxation and self-esteem.

Forest Bath Magic Mix
Recipe type: Aromatherapy
  • 3 drops Sandalwood
  • 3 drops Rose
  • 3 drops Bergamot
  1. Add to a carrier oil such as sunflower oil, grape seed oil or almond oil to disperse in a votive tea light essential oil warmer, OR
  2. Add to water in your favorite essential oil diffuser, as per instructions.

In the recipe above, I mention a votive light essential oil warmer or an essential oil diffuser.
You can often find these in health food stores or Whole Food stores, too.

Let me know how it works in the comments!

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