Fortune Chambers

Some things are eternal and constant gems.
And these go-to guides are the ones I turn to again and again for help and advice.
Every day is different, so each area addresses a different need.
I’ll tell you why I find the book, video or podcast helpful and how they’ve helped me to live better.

We will eventually have 9 chambers filled with treasures.  For now explore our four ::
Amusements, Beauty, Distractions & Nurturing.

Dive and dig into the best wellsprings I know!

Learn well :: Feel well ::  Be well ::

Amusements ::

For when you feel so low, you need delight and laughter…


Beauty ::

For when you’ve been stuck in bed and maybe haven’t had the strength to even shower, and you just want to feel human again…

Learn More!

Distractions ::

For when you just want to forget your misery, and want to think about anything other than being sick… 

Distract me!

Enlightenment ::

For when you feel stuck and asleep, and feel a yearning for a different perspective or approach… 

Bring me the light!


Inspiration ::

For when you feel dull and dry, and are looking for some uplift and motivation…

Inspire Me!


Nurturing ::

For when you feel deprived and neglected, and wish for some solace and relief…

Yes, give me comfort!

Peace ::

For when you feel distress and frustrated and long for tranquility and calm…

Enjoy a truce!


Relationships ::

For when you feel strain and discord in your life, and desire some closeness and affection… 

Reconnect me!


Skills ::

For when you feel inept and incapable, and aspire to strengthen your dexterity and upgrade your proficiencies…

Upgrade your abilities here!