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These recommended resources are evergreen.
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by Thomas Cath Cart & Daniel Klein

This book (and its pair below) is my go-to joke source. You don’t have to love politics to appreciate the humor. My favorite chapter is called The Star Trek Strategy – Misleading by Creating an Alternative Universe.

by Thomas Cath Cart & Daniel Klein

“It’s questions all the way down” – that’s their take on philosophy and I love it. This book is really a survey course on philosophy done in a very engaging manner. And when you’re sick, there’s nothing but questions. Reading this you’ll know you’re not alone.

edited by Graydon Carter

A compilation of that last page of Vanity Fair, this collection is fun to flip through. Short and sweet and revealing. Good for when you have brain fog.

Dorothy Parker

I’ve loved Dorothy Parker for as long as I can remember for her wit and sarcasm and truth- telling. I have even some of her poems memorized. Some favorites include Anecdote, Unfortunate Coincidence, Little Words, Resumé, and General Review of the Sexual Situation.


I’ve been enjoying these since the first season. The series was recently called an online force by the New York Times. My favorites include Jon Stewart, Sarah Silverman, Sarah Jessica Parker and the best: Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks.  The one with Barack Obama was terrific fun too!


Andy Borowitz’s New Yorker column is prolific (sometimes more than once a day!) and reliably funny. Granted his writing usually mocks the political, which is probably why I enjoy him so much.


I knew of and love this podcast before he interviewed Obama (Episode 612). My favorite is probably the interview with Carl Reiner (Episode 359). He has some amazing guests such as Dick Van Dyke (370), Amy Schumer, (154) Robin Williams (67) as well as other actors, writers and comedians. (also available in iTunes)


Dysfunctional family at it’s best. Be sure to watch with captions as those northern England accents can be indecipherable.

What’s Opera, Doc? is brilliant, right? These cartoons still make me laugh. Aside from Bugs Bunny, my favorite characters were the Road Runner and the Tasmanian Devil.

I loved especially Fractured Fairy Tales even as a kid. Now of course the perversions made for humorous effect carry more resonance. And Mister Peabody and his WABAC machine which took them back to get the “real” scoop on historical events. And, of course, the scheming villains Boris Badenov and Nastasha Fatale are memorable too. I loved the puns even before I knew what puns were!

Finally the news done as entertainment AND informative. I still admire how he changed the net neutrality debate and I love him for his segment on DC Voting Rights and lack thereof. So does the Washington Post Editorial Board.


This classic with Maryiln Monroe, Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis (who in much of the movie does a Cary Grant impersonation) is just brilliant. And one I turn to regularly for laughs.

The single best adaption of a Jane Austen novel. This movie after two decades still entertains me.

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