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These recommended resources are evergreen.
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Warning – once you start watching her instructional videos on how to apply make up, it’s hard to stop. She’s real, she’s knowledgable, and she’s generous. I love all of her videos. But three favorites are worth mentioning –  the no make up make up look; make up therapy for meeting up with the ex after a break up (she addresses what to do if you’ve been crying lot. This works to look and feel better for whatever reason you’ve been crying); and finally this one on her regimen for when she’s on a long haul flight is terrific. When I have a day home sick in bed, I’ll pretend I’m on a long haul flight and do some of what she suggests!

Garance is Corsican. I love her eye (her photography is incredible and I love her Weekend Inspirations) and her voice – which is real and witty. She has none of the pretension that usually goes along with fashion, so I enjoy checking her blog regularly.

I love the ethos of this site. The art of being a woman is their motto and the articles are substantive, and the site just looks great. It’s a wonderful place to hang out and explore their essays on being a dreamer, hostess, confidant, stylist, explorer, beautician, intellectual, and achiever.

Founded by Cassandra Grey (married to CEO of Paramount Brad Grey) and named for Elizabeth Taylor’s violet eyes, this site is fun to delve into for glamour and make up advice. They have a store too, but their editorial, the Violet Files, is pretty informative as well. The site is lovely to peruse, and they have great things to tweet from there. I especially liked their #noordinarywoman campaign.

Pratima Raichur with Marian Cohn

I love this book which has been a resource for me since 2002. I’ve given it to many friends. The information is incredibly broad and deep. 

Stepanie Tourels

This book is an oldie and goodie too. Lots of ideas for homemade skin and body care recipes. 

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