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April 1st / 2018

April is here! Happy Easter and Happy Passover.  We had a beautiful full moon this past Saturday too!

The big news is the cherry blossoms still have not bloomed. March was much colder than expected. I’ve been monitoring the US Park Service “Bloom Watch” here, and according to the Washington Post, the best days are this Thursday April 5th to Sunday April 8th. But with this caveat –

The weekend will be chilly with a chance of snow (really), so if you plan to head down to the Tidal Basin, bundle up. Highs are only going to be in the 40s, which is about 20 degrees colder than normal.

At The Wharf this coming weekend, there will be fireworks and more to celebrate Petalpalooza! And the Cherry Blossom parade on Constitution Avenue takes place on April 14th.

After the marvelous success of the Wonder exhibit at the newly reopened Renwick Gallery back in 2016, a new highly anticipated exhibit No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man opened on March 30th and will enchant visitors until next January. It’s definitely on my list to go and see. You can do yoga in the temple on April 14th at 9 am, which would be very cool.

Also in April, we have Washington Nationals opening day here in DC on April 5th. They are playing the Mets. I wish I could go!

And the International DC Film Fest runs for 11 days from the 19th to the 29th. They always have a great line up of international films to reflect the international inhabitants of this great city. This year they will screen 80 films from 45 countries. The line up looks terrific with films about Jean-Michel Basquiat, Toni Morrison, Grace Jones and the Bolshoi Ballet as well as terrific dramas based in Spain, Belgium, Italy, France and more. You can get 10 tickets for $100.00, which is a great deal! To learn more and to buy tickets, check out

Finally, I want to highlight a marvelous writing workshop on the eve of Beltane, which begins on May 1. Dr. Terri Lynn Simpson is a writer, retreat leader, spiritual director, and the founder of Anam Cara Retreats. I’ve enjoyed many of her mini-retreats at the National Cathedral. On Monday evening, April 30th, join me for a magical night listening to Celtic poetry, reflecting on spring and writing during the full moon. You can buy tickets here for Full Like the Moon: Writing and the Practice of Gratitude.  (They are only $15.00).

We have three free lock screens for your phone to mark the new month. Every time you reach for your device you can be motivated with our beautiful images and inspiration.

Our other themes for April are “Birth,” “Gentle,” and “Wishes.”

Please share this post with a friend so they can be inspired throughout April as well.

How to Download ::

Open this post on your phone. Select the image you want by pressing down on the image you love best. Then tap the button to save the image to your camera roll. Then go to your phone settings, then to display/wallpaper and select the option to choose a new wallpaper. Then select the downloaded image as your lock screen. And save!

1) First save the photo to your phone by tapping with your finger until box pops up that says “copy” “save” “more…”
2) Tap on save.
3) Go to settings app on phone and open
4) Go to “Wallpaper – under “Display & Brightness” & “General”
5) Click on “Choose a new wallpaper”
6) Go to your “All Photos”
7) Select the photo you want
8) When pulled up you can move and scale (but you shouldn’t have to).  When as you wish, click on “set”
9) Select “set lock screen” And you are done!

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Reflection Points ::
What would do you wish to feel in April?
Tell me in the comments below - what is one intention for this month?
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When in April the sweet showers fall,
That pierce March's drought to the root and all,
And bathed every vein in liquor that has power
To generate therein and sire the flower.

- Geoffrey Chaucer
The Canterbury Tales