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January 29th / 2018

February 1st marks the beginning of spring in the Celtic calendar. To learn more about that, see A Celebration of the Mother Goddess of Healing & Sacred Wells.

This February we will have the Winter Olympics, to enjoy and inspire us! And if you live in DC, the National Cathedral offers a wonderful week of programming around the theme of  Seeing Deeper

We have three free lock screens for your phone to mark the new month. Every time you reach for your device you can be motivated with our beautiful images and inspiration.

Our themes for February are “Love,” Light,” and “Rest.”

Please share this post with a friend so they can be inspired throughout February as well.

How to Download ::

Open this post on your phone. Select the image you want by pressing down on the image you love best. Then tap the button to save the image to your camera roll. Then go to your phone settings, then to display/wallpaper and select the option to choose a new wallpaper. Then select the downloaded image as your lock screen. And save!

1) First save the photo to your phone by tapping with your finger until box pops up that says “copy” “save” “more…”
2) Tap on save.
3) Go to settings app on phone and open
4) Go to “Wallpaper – under “Display & Brightness” & “General”
5) Click on “Choose a new wallpaper”
6) Go to your “All Photos”
7) Select the photo you want
8) When pulled up you can move and scale (but you shouldn’t have to).  When as you wish, click on “set”
9) Select “set lock screen” And you are done!

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Reflection Points ::
What would do you wish to feel in February?
Do the Olympics inspire or depress you? Tell me in the comments below - what would you like to feel? And to be?
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The February sunshine steeps your boughs
And tints the buds and swells the leaves within.

- William Cullen Bryant
Among the Trees, line 53.