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October 29th / 2017

Today is the first day of the November. In some ways this year has flown by; in other ways this year feels like eons (i.e. the news! As Emily Dickinson wrote – pain expands the time.)

Spruce up your days with our new free lock screens for your phone. Every time you reach for your device you can feel refreshed and motivated with our beautiful images and inspiration. Choose one that you love. Our themes for November are “Change,” Connect,” and “Thank.”

Select one that speaks to you. You may need a reminder to stay strong, prioritize self-care and to see the best. And share this post with a friend so they can be energized during this busy season too.

How to Download ::

Open this post on your phone. Select the image you want by pressing down on the image you love best. Then tap the button to save the image to your camera roll. Then go to your phone settings, then to display/wallpaper and select the option to choose a new wallpaper. Then select the downloaded image as your lock screen. And save!

Let me know what you think!


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Reflection Points ::
What would inspire you in November?
Tell me in the comments below - what would you like to see in November? What words would inspire you? What ideas would motivate? Submit a favorite quote for consideration. (It has to be short!).
Extra Elements of Interest ::
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November's sky is chill and drear,
November's leaf is read and sear.

- Sir Walter Scott
(Marmion, canto I 1808)