Pine Forest Essential Oils Magic Mix

October 12th / 2017

Take your lover up into the forest, away from campus, away from everyone. The pines stand like marching armies in neat rows forming natural lanes. You chase each other around and about the trees, laughing. You tire. And sit on the soft brown pine needles that feel like hay.  And you talk and talk and talk as the words and ideas float up amid the high branches. The sun begins to set and the shadows reach farther and farther along the ground until you can’t see where they end. A chill sets in the fresh, earthy and buttery air. He smells clean and good so you reach for him and kiss. You fall back onto the blanket of pine under the soldiers standing guard.

Here are the components and why they are included ::


for long term stress and feelings of fear.
The fir tree is the classic Christmas tree and is very aromatic. Throughout history, the fir tree has been used for medical purposes to treat fever, muscular pain, rheumatic pain and respiratory complaints.
Helps to focus and avoid reactivity. Evokes feelings of stability.


for motivation and uplift.
Grapefruit oil revives the spirt and boosts confidence. It can also help ease muscle fatigue and stiffness.
Helps to promote a cheerful and positive outlook.


for momentum and energy.
This hardy evergreen shrub has a clear, strong, spicy scent. The ancient Chinese believed sage was a cure for sterility.  And the Greeks used it in remedies to help the liver.
Helps to increase mobility and promote inner strength.

Pine Forest Magic Mix
Recipe type: Aromatherapy
  • 3 drops White Fir
  • 5 drops Grapefruit
  • 3 drops Sage
  1. Add to a carrier oil such as sunflower oil, grape seed oil or almond oil to disperse in a votive tea light essential oil warmer, OR
  2. Add to water in your favorite essential oil diffuser, as per instructions.

In the recipe above, I mention a votive light essential oil warmer or an essential oil diffuser.
You can often find these in health food stores or Whole Food stores, too.

Let me know how it works in the comments!

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