Hi there brave ones,

Welcome to Wellspring Stones. We’re so glad you’re here!

Our Mission ::

To create a place that gives a voice to your invisible pain,
a space where you can learn how to balance your needs,
a sanctuary to alleviate your isolation and an oasis from the adversity of illness.

We ::
How We Differ ::

We are separate from the culture of false positivity.

We are separate from the culture of blame and shame.

We are separate from the culture of overwhelming, un-doable advice.

We are separate from the culture of hippy-dippy and airy-fairy solutions.

We are separate from the culture of chaos and the ugliness of pop-up ads and distractions.

You know how else we differ? We’re going to use literature and stories wherever we can to create meaning and depth. Because we love stories and love how they engage us. It’s going to be fun!

“I’ve been in the trenches fighting to feel well again. I get the trap of knowing what you should do, but not knowing how to do those things when you’re too sick. Let me show you the short cuts that took me over a decade to figure out.”    – Cassandra Marcella Metzger

What We Provide ::
Who We Are ::

Cassandra Marcella Metzger is the founder of Wellspring Stones. She created this site because she could not find what she needed online when she got sick. A yoga and meditation teacher since 2003, she also writes about living with chronic illness for Teach.Yoga and for the Huffington Post. Learn more about her and why Cassandra is so dedicated to this work here.

Betty Cole is the Director and Health Coach of Wellspring Stones. She too lives with an invisible illness and is a primary care giver to her mom who is disabled.  A graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, she has been coaching people to better health and wellness since 2014. Learn learn more about Betty here.



Who We Serve ::

We’ll help anyone who needs it!

But primarily, our audience are those who live day in and day out with a chronic illness. They have no idea what symptoms will rear their ugly heads. And they live day to day, hour to hour. For them, living moment to moment is more than a cliché. That perspective has been forced on them by their body.

So that’s who we aim to help primarily. But many of our offerings and services will also help those acutely ill or even those just generally interested in living well and healthily. We also offer support, suggestions and gift ideas for those who are caregivers, friends of someone ill, and wellness professionals and health service providers.

Check out our signature offerings – a delightful and surprising door to venture through and explore right from you bed with our Revitagrams. You can send to a struggling friend too. For free! Learn more.

Sample Services ::