We Believe In

Authenticity ::

We honor legitimate challenges, recognize true losses and address you with candor. Being real and honest in itself is healing and thwarts the invalidation of invisible illness.

Enlightenment ::

We advocate learning and advancing, no matter what. We explore, examine and experiment. We marvel at new ideas and continual changes. We know learning takes time and a willingness to circle back to progress and evolve.

Health ::

We believe wellness is not a destination but an ongoing excursion, whether you are sick or not, and that path includes time for creating joy, humor, wit and fun.

Inclusivity ::

We aim to build a bridge between the peacefulness of Eastern culture and the poetry of Western culture. We appreciate that the joys and trails of the human condition transcend time and place.

Clarity ::

We create resources that are concise, accessible and streamlined. We design while mindful of the limitations of the mind when the body ails.

Pragmatism ::

We value open minds that are scrappy and flexible. We admire people willing to venture despite adversity.

Dignity ::

We promote the cultivation of a good and meaningful life, despite illness, and esteem a calm, sensitive, compassionate space as part of wholeness.