It’s easy to talk about the evolutionary power of yoga when you have a relatively healthy body. But when you don’t know what your illness will allow you to do from day to day, it’s tough to know where and how to harness the boundless healing of yoga. While yoga brings attention to the light in our experiences, when you’re in chronic pain, the primary inclination is to avert your consciousness away from discomfort. Those are the moments when yoga, practiced compassionately and with respectful care, can be invaluable. It’s a privilege to witness Cassandra ushering her vision and experience to this field; her self-love, endurance and elegance while living everyday with a chronic illness is uplifting to us all. 

Elena Brower
Mama, Author, Teacher of Yoga and Meditation, Speaker

I remember checking out her old site on yoga. It was so full of terrific information! I can’t wait to see what she does to bring her experience and gifts to those in need of her healing services and her light. I am so grateful that Cassandra has created Wellspring Stones so others may experience more ease and joy. 

Debra Perlson-Mishalove
Owner, Flow Yoga Center

I’ve known Cassandra for years. She has a heart of gold and is a sensitive person. She is intelligent and also makes me laugh. We love her good taste and style, and she knows the value of Karma!

Erwin Gomez
Owner, Karma Beauty Lounge

Cassandra’s not part of the “cult of positivity”…that constant pressure to “have a good attitude” or “ be positive you’re going to beat this” when you’re really suffering. During my long, painful illness, her ability to acknowledge suffering without glossing over it is rare. When sick, you don’t want platitudes or be told to keep up the good fight. You need someone who can be present with you in the fire. She sent the most wonderful passage from Job: his friends who, after hearing of his suffering, came and simply just sat with him for days. I held that comforting picture in my mind and felt encouraged. 

Erin DiChiara
Occupational Therapist

Cassandra brings a lightness and abundant love to any project she undertakes- it matters to her that others can be helped by her work. She is smart and funny and inquisitive and open to life’s possibilities as they unfold for all of us. Cassandra is a rare combination of healer, teacher and friend. The world is a much better place with her in it.

Amy Lewis, L.Ac., M.Ac., Dipl. Ac.
President, Acupuncture Society of Washington

As her Iyengar teacher for over 15 years, I have witnessed Cassandra’s relentless efforts to find the best combination of treatments for her insidious condition. Exploring eastern and western healing practices, she never gave up. She embodies intelligence and integrity. She’s driven to reduce the suffering of others where ever possible, another of her wonderful qualities.

Juliana Fair
Certified Senior Intermediate 1 Iyengar Yoga Teacher

Cass has a place in my heart. I cherish connecting with another person through laughter, tears, and heart-felt conversations and with Cass, I have had this for over 10 years. I am attracted to Cass’ natural low-key disposition and her ability to find the positive in grave situations without by-passing reality. I am grateful to know Cass and support her in bringing Wellspring Stones to life.

Kim Stetz
Owner Savasana Station

Cass is a wonderful, caring, patient and compassionate yoga teacher. I’ve not been able to find a yoga class that compares! NO ONE does what she did. Her knowledge of yoga is exemplary, and she helped me understand how yoga pertains to my overall wellbeing

Carol Brouillette
Former Yoga Client

Cassandra’s nurturing teaching style inspired me to pursue a teaching career bringing yoga to older folks and those with disabilities. Her eagerness to share her learning was contagious. Her teaching displayed loving attention to every detail. I didn’t have a perfect “yogi” body, and neither did she. She modeled self- acceptance and self-compassion.

Sally Craig
Yoga Teacher

I’m drawn to Cassandra’s inner light, her beauty, her passionate brilliance and her courage. To witness the transformative ways in which she has passionately embraced the healing arts is awe inspiring. The beauty of her boundless, creative spirit and intellectual thirst is evident in her approach to wellness. Her need to share her knowledge with others who suffer shows her compassion. I cherish her, and as I now face chronic physical challenges, more than ever, I cherish the generous gift of her guidance. 

Erik Todd Dellums

Cassandra’s hearty laugh, and her grand sense of fun created nights of youthful revelry. Then, I heard about the doctors, tests and skepticism she had to face from friends and family. I bore witness to her physical and emotional pain. Her underlying and strong spirit has allowed her to move through the worst and find ways to manage the adversity. The old Cassandra has reemerged. She’s been through it and has valuable lessons to share.

Emily Paasche
College Friend

Cassandra’s qualities shine throughout. She is consistently deeply caring about her fellow human beings. She displays a lot of erudition and thoughtfulness. Her coaching skills are superb as she combines deep knowledge with compassion and gentleness.

Willem Van Eeghen
Economist and Classical Musician

I love this woman, my superhero. Her strength enables her to try and fail and try again. Her emotional integrity drives her to see things as they really are. She is fearless. Plus, she is undeterred even when her goals seem beyond reach, beyond reason, beyond articulation. Her nimble intellect serves her very well. It’s amazing to witness, and she’s a joy to be around!

Cecilia Briceño-Garmendia
Economist, PhD

Cassandra is one of the most cerebrally sensitive people I know. She treats life as a continuous voyage of discovery – of the external and the internal, of suffering and joy, challenge and fulfillment. In our busy and stressful lives, she reminds us how to bring ourselves comfort and ease.

Corporate Executive